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Corporate Policy


"We are comitted to serve the interests of all our stakeholders by beginning and establishing our position at the top in India and one of the best at an international level in our core business with execeptional moral and business ethics."


"To develop expertise in crane & allied services, continue to be a number one service provider."

Quality Policy

"Customer's delight by exceeding his expectations through exceptaional blend of maintenance free cranes and safe on time service."

EHS Policy

The personal safety and health of each employee/contractor is of primary importance to Sanghvi Movers Limited. The prevention of work-induced injuries and illnesses is given the highest priority. 
The management of the company has every desire to provide a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. To accomplish this, we feel it is important to assure:
  •   Staff are provided all reasonable and practicable safeguards to assure safe working conditions.
  •   Staffsare provided with clean, safe and healthy working conditions.
  •   All equipment, tools, and machines, are kept in good condition through the use of best maintenance practices.
  •   We study and develop safe work methods and train employee in these methods.
  •   We comply with local safety codes and statutory safety regulations. 
  •   It is the policy of the company to provide, maintain, and seek to improve standards of health and safety.
  •  Operating practices, which safeguard employees and translate into safe working conditions, must be followed.
  • This statement supports approved safety procedures developed for efficient operations.
  •  This responsibility rests equally on all who work at the company and we seek and expect active co-operation & support.
  •  Proper manual lifting techniques are trained and stressed. Lifting of heavy weights solo is discouraged.
  • Approved protective clothing is supplied and must be worn at all times.
This Company is conscious of the necessity and importance of having an effective safety and Accident Prevention Programme while executing all its  work activities.


Chandarkant P. Sanghvi
Chairman & Managing Director