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Corporate Policy



"To be a global leader in crane rental and related engineering services through technological innovation."


“Sanghvi Movers Limited is committed to being a top globally-ranked company in our core business with exceptional business ethics  and morals."


  • Continuous improvement
  • Building and nurturing mutual trust
  • Take ownership and focus on impact
  • Human dignity


Issue No               : 01

Date                     : 12.07.2017

Next  Revision     : 11.07.2019                                                                                          Chandrakant P. Sanghvi
                                                                                                                                          Chairman and Managing Director


QHSE Policy

We, at Sanghvi Movers Limited, are committed to continual improvement in our Quality Health Safety Environment (QHSE) performance and management systems.
We are firmly committed to the following:
  • Comply with all applicable statutory and regularity requirements
  • Integrate QHSE practices into the business strategies and processes
  • Incorporate suitable techniques for quality improvement, prevention of injury, ill-health and pollution
  • Apply a systematic and measurable approach to continuously improve our QHSE culture and performance
  • Aspire to zero harm to people, property and society
  • Promote safe practices and behavior
  • Strengthen awareness, competence, skills of employees and community
  • Periodically monitor, review and measure adequacy of QHSE management systems
  • Maintain reliability of our products and services
  • Incorporate QHSE management systems across all levels of the organization
  • Identify, assess and manage our QHSE risks                                                                                                                               

We will succeed when we achieve our stated Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental goals and accepted by communities where we work.



Issue No               : 01

Date                     : 01.07.2017

Next  Revision     : 30.06.2019                                                                                          Chandrakant P. Sanghvi

                                                                                                                                          Chairman and Managing Director